A – D I F F E R E N T – A P P R O A C H

I want to make photographs that will surprise you. I want you to remember how it felt. I like to create meaningful photographs through a quiet, yet comfortable approach. I like to create with you and for you a mix of intimate, quiet and experimental moments. Think of me as the observer – the silent art director.

Most likely, you’ve never been photographed before and you think you’re super awkward in front of the camera – I totally get that. I promise you I’ve seen it all and I work hard to create a comfortable environment through conversation, light, the cues I give you, in order to let you be yourselves. It’s all about the experience.

If you want a photographer to just show up and take those typical, staged, posed awkward photos then we may not be the best fit.

If you are just shopping around and looking for amazing deals, that’s not me. If you want a true representation of our time together as it unfolds, including the the imperfections, the mess, the quirks, then I’m the girl for you. That’s what I’m all about – real life, real in between moments.