Hello! I’m Alex, full time wedding and portrait photographer, currently based in Transylvania, Cluj county,
one of the most beautiful places in Romania. I absolutely love travelling. I married my best friend and high school sweetheart in 2016,
the goofiest guy ever, Radu. Together we shoot weddings (he’s an awesome videographer),
travel the world with Hal (the dog from the photos) and our camper van, bike, camp, hike, critique movies and eat lots of pizza and pasta.

I’m not the person who talks a lot, I’m an introvert and I found out a few years ago that I best express myself through photography.
I love telling raw, natural stories. What inspires me mostly is that crazy love between you guys, the way you look at each other,
the way he caresses your hair, the way she kisses your brow, the entanglement of your arms, those in between moments
when you thought nobody was watching. That’s what I love to capture! I’m not about fancy, still poses, but I’m all about the
quirky, silly, soft, weird, fun, moody love between you guys. Let those big feelings float around you and I’ll be there to capture it.
Don’t be afraid to be shy, loud, funny or sad. Don’t be afraid to shout out your love.
Just be yourselves and let’s make beautiful things together!

If this resonates with you, I’d be happy to get to know you and tell your story, so don’t be afraid and let’s connect.