Hey guys! So the wedding photography GIVEAWAY for 2017 has ended and let me tell you it was blast to discover all the love my couples share. Thank you everybody for registering and taking the time to share your story. It meant a lot that you opened up to me and let me into your world of love. So, without further ado, I would like to tell you a little about the winning couple and the wonderful wedding they’re planning.

Their love story began 10 years ago, when they were just two teenagers wandering through the world. After days totally abstract on-line conversations about anything and everything, they decided to meet up; they saw each other and without any words he handed her a note that said: “Hello, I’m Alex”. Since then, they’ve been inseparable, conquering the world together, hand in hand. The bohemian and romantic feeling of their story captured me instantly and little did I know that they’re planning a dreamy, intimate outdoor wedding.

Their wedding will take place in a beautiful castle, Saint Victor La Grand Maison, in the heart of France, at the beginning of June. How romantic is that? My heart is jumping up and down right now! They will be joined by their closest loved ones, about 45 people. The ceremony will take place in the castles’s gardens, under an old and sumptuous tree. After the ceremony we will be exploring the surroundings  for some romantic, whimsical portraits and we will be returning to find the people being entertained by a jazz/blues band. This is a short description about how their wedding will go on; I’ll let you discover more trough my photographs when I’ll publish their wedding.

Oh my you guys! I can’t contain my happiness right now. Here are some pictures of the beautiful castle.